Travel from Oslo Airport to the city centre

Travelling between the main Oslo airport at Gardermoen (OSL) and the city centre is easy. The cheapest option is to hop on the local train. It's also quite fast, taking just over 20 minutes to reach Oslo central station, also known as Oslo S.

Here is the rundown on the most popular options to get to and from the airport, from the cheapest to the most expensive. All prices are one-way.

Departures board, Oslo central station.

Departures board, Oslo central station.

Local train

The local train, run by NSB, is the cheapest option and quite comfortable. There is Wi-Fi and in-seat power plugs. As the train is usually just passing through the airport, at certain times it can be quite busy and you may not get a seat. But since the ride is only 20 minutes long, it's worth the cost saving. If you're staying further toward the western part of the centre, you can also hop on or off at Nationaltheatret station.

If you're taking the train from the airport, turn right after you have come through customs and look for the signs straight ahead to the left. Buy your ticket from one of the red NSB vending machines. Make sure to check the screens for the schedule before you buy a ticket. A friend of mine came in late at night and bought a ticket before he realised the local trains were finished for the day.

If you're getting on board at Oslo S, check the main board for the next train towards the airport. It will be marked with an aeroplane symbol and the note “Via Oslo Lufthavn”. Buy your ticket from the one of the NSB vending machines and head down to your platform.

You can also buy your tickets through the NSB app.

Cost: 101 NOK. No student discount.
Time: 23-25 minutes
Frequency: Every 20 minutes on average.
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The Oslo bus terminal is situated across the street from the main train station, so it's just as easy to take the train for almost 80 NOK less in half the time. The bus can be handy if you need to get to and from a part of the city that is a good distance outside the centre. In that case, the staff at your accommodation can likely provide information on costs and schedules. If you decide to take the bus from the centre, you will want the route FB2 Oslo Lufthavn <-> Oslo sentrum. The main bus terminal is called Bussterminalen.

Cost: 169 NOK. 95 NOK with student ID.
Time: Approximately 45 minutes.
Frequency: Every 20 minutes.
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Airport express train, Oslo S

Airport express train, Oslo S

Airport express train

The airport express train, also known as “Flytoget” is the most comfortable option. The trains either start or finish at the airport and there are always plenty of seats and space for luggage. There are in-seat power plugs. The trains alternate between being 'express' (19 minutes) or not (22 minutes), the difference being a stop at Lillestrøm station. As with the local train, the airport express also stops at Nationaltheatret.

If you're taking the train from the airport, turn right after you have come through customs and look for the signs straight ahead and to the right. Have your debit or credit card ready. Swipe the card in the reader at the gate and tap your destination.

If you're getting on board at Oslo S, head to platforms 13 and 14. Swipe your card in the reader and head through the door to the platform. Once you arrive at the airport you will need to swipe the card again to leave the platform.

You can also buy tickets through an app or from vending machines using cash or card. Avoid buying a paper ticket from an actual person as they will charge you an extra 20 NOK for the privilege.

Cost: 190 NOK. 95 NOK with student ID. Accompanied children under 16 travel for free.
Time: 19-22 minutes
Frequency: Every 10 minutes (every 20 minutes late at night and early in the morning)
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Top tip: If you’re a student, bring your student card and take the Airport express train for the same price as the local train.


Taxis are expensive in Oslo and taking one to and from the airport is not recommended if you're trying to be a cheapskate. But if your flight was delayed, you missed the last train, and you don't want to sleep at the airport you might consider it.

The taxi companies offer fixed rates to and from the airport, so at least you'll know how much poorer you'll be before you get in. That said, each of the different companies offer different rates, varying by hundreds of kroner, so shop around. There is a screen at the airport where you can check car availability and prices. 0-Taxi seems to have cheaper rates. It's always a good idea to confirm the fixed rate before you get in. There is no need to tip.

To take a taxi, look for the signs as soon as you clear customs and enter the arrivals hall. Be sure to take a taxi from the taxi rank.

Cost: 598 NOK (6 a.m. - 5 p.m. weekdays) / 798 NOK (weeknights and weekends) with 0-Taxi.
Time: Approximately 40 minutes.
Frequency: On demand.

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