I want to help you extract the most value possible out of Oslo.

Whenever I meet someone abroad and they find out I live in Oslo, their first comment is inevitably about how expensive the city is. Indeed Oslo, and Norway in general, can be an expensive place to spend time, but it doesn’t have to be. Cheapskate’s Guide aims to show that Oslo can be a fun and engaging city even if you’re on a very tight budget.

There are many existing blogs and articles out there that describe how to visit Oslo on a budget. They are often written by journalists or tourists in town for less than a week (and have sometimes been sponsored). These pieces can be inaccurate, are rarely updated, and skimp on the detail. They’re often just a few hundred words long - nothing to plan a trip around.

Cheapskate’s Guide to Oslo is written by me, an Australian immigrant, who is out exploring this wonderful and evolving city on a daily basis. I am all about the details. I don’t just tell you the prices and where to go. I take a topic and strip it back so you get the full picture. I update it when things change. If I have an opinion I’ll share it, but with all the information in front of you, you can decide if it’s worth your money. Plus I’ll always highlight the best deal so you never spend more than you have to.

I also know that everyone lives and travels differently. You might sleep cheap but splash out on food. You might be a museum junkie or love a night on the town. That’s why I cover a broad range of topics and throw in the odd #splurge suggestion. If you want some info on a topic I haven’t covered yet, just let me know.

So whether you are planning a weekend away, moving here for the semester, or you’ve lived in Oslo all your life, hopefully Cheapskate’s Guide proves that Oslo has a lot to offer without sending you broke.