Rent an apartment with Airbnb

If you are travelling as a couple or small group, Airbnb can be a really cost effective option for accommodation in Oslo. It’s a great way to stay in the residential neighbourhoods and get a feel for how it is to live in Oslo. The apartments available are typically very “Scandinavian” with clean, functional designs and loads of IKEA furniture. Book at least a couple of months in advance to have the best selection.

A sample of an  Airbnb in Grünerløkka .

A sample of an Airbnb in Grünerløkka.

A typical Oslo apartment on Airbnb will be in a new building or a tastefully renovated old building. Cheaper apartments will either be studios or have a small bedroom. It will be well heated for the cold winters and heated floors in the bathroom are standard. The apartments almost always have cooking facilities, a modern bathroom, TV, and high-speed Wi-Fi. Apartment buildings are typically several stories high and may or may not have a lift so be sure to double check if that’s important to you. For summer time, a balcony, roof terrace or garden is nice, but it’s more fun to hang out in the parks with everyone else.

In terms of location, I’d recommend to start by looking in Grünerløkka. In Grünerløkka you will be surrounded by cafés, restaurants, and bars, as well as plenty of supermarkets and other amenities. This area is home to young professionals and families, as well as students. It’s just a 15 minute walk into the city centre and there are plenty of public transport connections. To help you get your bearings, Olaf Ryes plass acts as a hub for the area. The prices for “entire apartments“ in Grünerløkka are the best value for money in inner-Oslo. Prices start at around 500 NOK/night for 2 people and average about 800 NOK/night.

Here are a few well-reviewed and good value options to get you started (no promises on availability):